MMHC Blog: Why Monthly?

So, one of the things I expect we’ll get at least a couple questions about (you know, once the first episode airs and disappoints all of you) is why we’ve decided to push these episodes out on a monthly, instead of weekly or twice-monthly basis.

First of all, despite my liberal overuse of the royal “we,” the only sad fuck working on this podcast is me. I produce, edit and say the four or five lines of non-music that will feature in each episode. And I want to get it right. This is something that someone with a cursory knowledge of Audacity and an iPhone could throw together in 45 minutes, and in the course of my semi-professional-but-really-actually-amateur audio production career, I have indeed done shows where I’ve thrown some songs in Audacity and recorded a couple of voice memos on my iPhone and called it good.

That was five years ago, and I don’t want to do that kind of thing again. (And like, truly nothing against folks who do that kind of thing. Everyone starts somewhere, but I want to get past the starting line.)

So I want to get this right, and I want there to be some moderate production quality here. But I also work, and I have other projects going (including one I’m already running far behind schedule on), and I do freelance writing for a community magazine in my town, and a million other things that carve out parts of my 24 allotted hours per day without even trying. You can see where this becomes super fun.

If I committed to a weekly or twice-monthly schedule, I’d not only be shooting myself in the foot quality-wise, I’d be setting myself up for failure. I’d be letting you down before I got going. Especially in the first couple of episodes. I mean, who knows? I may not commit to the current show format. I may decide that I can take on two episodes per month, or more. Anything is possible when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

So for now, this show comes out monthly. Each month we’ll choose a different nation or region to highlight, and then we get to work.

(June 2016, one month to release)


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