MMHC Blog: A Roadmap

Okay, so how do I want to make this podcast work? I’ve already established it’s not going to be a history lesson about a region’s punk and hardcore (that’d be hella presumptive of me and I’m not that smart), but I don’t just want to throw this show into your face and go, “HERE IT IS. MUSIC. BYE.” either.

The model I have for this podcast is somewhat based on the incredible MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL RADIO show. Each week on that show, a few folks each play a set bound together by a loose context: sometimes they’ll have a set of new releases/arrivals, sometimes they’ll do a set of older shit, and so on. Each person who does the show is responsible for making their set work. Sometimes each set is only a couple of songs. Between each set the producer reads off the songs. So there’s enough time in the space of an hour to do both.

I kind of want to do something like that. But like, with some added context.

Anyway, here’s my basic skeletal breakdown for Episode 1:

Intro: PAINTBOX – Hedgehog [ヤマアラシ] (2:14)

Set 1: 1970s-1980s (traditional punk/hardcore punk)

Set 2: 1980s-1990s (Burning Spirits/Visual Kei)

Set 3: 1990s-now (advent of post-hardcore and pop-punk)

Outro: ????



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