MMHC Blog: Brexit Playlist

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the radio silence lately. I’ve been hard at work putting the first episode together, and, well… working. As I get ready to go do the latter thing, I wanted to drop this off real quick: a list of songs commemorating (though not celebrating) The United Kingdom’s imminent departure from the European Union.

One of this podcast’s aims is to showcase punk and hardcore music from countries that aren’t the UK or the United States. I’ve always found it super irritating that the “tastemakers” in rock journalism only look to the UK and the US for punk, whether it’s in retrospect or looking forward. The rest of the world has so much to offer in terms of punk, it’s amazing! But no one* ever looks to the rest of the world.

The spirit of this show is to smash the borders of what we talk about when we talk about punk and hardcore. It’s a resistance to petty nationalism in music scenes and tastes. The UK’s vote on #Brexit yesterday, in which over 50 percent of British** residents voted to leave the EU, by-and-large represents the opposing view. While some voters could have been said to be motivated by a desire to be unburdened by certain regulations the EU imposed on Great Britain, it seems a large percentage were motivated by the same irrational and ugly fear that drives Trump supporters and David Duke: nationalism, xenophobia and outright racist attitudes.

So today I offer up a short playlist of songs by British punks against British fascism and nationalism — against #Brexit.

*Maximum Rocknroll is a great notable exception to this.
**The entirety of Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the EU. Now they’re looking at their own Brexit – out of the UK.

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